How Twitter Embarrassed Itself with Fact-Checking Labels

How Twitter Embarrassed Itself with Fact-Checking Labels

Do you know who became the biggest laughing stock during 2020 USA presidential elections? Was it Trump, Biden, Republicans or Democrats? Neither of them. It was Twitter.

Twitter has been following Facebook with its censorship war against pseudo-hate-speech, but in November it dropped such a bomb on itself that it even made Facebook look almost sane. Twitter introduced the so-called fact-checking label, which was basically a warning which covered specific tweet and claimed that it might not be true.

Apparently, Twitter liked its own invention so much that during the celebration it got carried away and stamped it on almost every tweet that Donald Trump made regardless of what it was. It clearly looked that Twitter forgot to do their own fact-checking.

Social Media Company Should Not Interviene with Politics

Now the question is not about whether you believe that the election was honest or not. It wasn’t. Not necessarily the way Trump said, but in the way the system is built. Choosing every 4 years, which of the two bad candidates will get ultimate power over the whole country does not even remotely resemble a democracy. It’s a deep state run dictatorship, a pseudo-democracy.

The main issue is that Twitter, as a social media platform, should remain neutral towards political questions. It’s one thing to be a news aggregator and publish stories along with your own political opinion. But Twitter does not even publish the content itself; it’s a blank tool that provides a place for others to do so. The only thing that Twitter does it censor post made by others. Such behaviour does not add any value, is generally considered rude and a violation of freedom of speech.

When Twitter joins the political discussion, it makes itself laughable and could even break the law. It’s enough that Twitter attacks common people on an everyday basis, but now it decided to go after a really big fish. The situation is that Twitter, a US company, is actively plotting against the sitting president and is trying to obstruct what the president is saying to its people. Such aggression could even be seen as treason, which is something we would all like Twitter to be punished for, no matter on whose side we are in this election scandal.

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