How to evaluate a domain name?

How to evaluate a domain name?

When does it make sense to buy a domain name?

There are two reasons why someone would want to buy an existing domain:

  1. To get premium or fancy domain name
  2. To get an aged domain for SEO purposes

Premium domain name

Some premium domains are sold at absurdly high prices; we are talking about millions. Average domains still sell pretty high ranging from thousands to tens of thousands dollars. For a normal person or company is does not make sense to buy that expensive domain. I personally would not recommend it at all, unless you really have a lot of extra money to do so. In most cases, you can find the domain you want with alternative TLD to be untaken. And those tens of thousands of dollars you would spend on .com TDL are wiser to spend on marketing your website. Another thing which makes buying premium domain gambling is the pricing policy. Unless the domain comes with the site, its price is only based on the fact how much the buyer is willing to pay. The idea is that the domain name is unique, so if one specifically wants .com domain, he is willing to pay for it a lot of money since there’s only one domain like that in the whole world. Thus the domain market resembles more art market than a business market because the price is not based on the profit this acquisition will generate him, but on the uniqueness on the merchandise.

Aged domain for SEO purposes

This is actually topic that is not so widely discussed as the previous one. While buying premium-priced domain just for the name is often a waste of money, buying an aged domain for SEO purposes is actually an excellent tactic, especially if you can get it cheap. When buying an aged domain, it’s important to look at some important domain metrics, such as Domain and Page Authority. Buying an aged domain with high ratings will give you a good advantage compared to registering a totally new domain, and thus it’s highly recommended.

How and where to buy a domain

Sadly most market places that sell domains do not classify premium name domains and aged domains and do not offer any tools to see SEO related metrics. Thus you are often forced to use 3rd party tools for this, and it can be pretty challenging, especially if you need to check ratings of a lot of domains in bulk. Many domains sold on the aftermarket have a low or nonexisting domain authority, but likewise, some domains may have a perfect premium name and also high authority. Finding a good domain is usually hard work, especially if you want both high rankings and good name that you like. If you are on a low budget, but still want to find a good aged domain, with at least medium authority, I suggest to check this website where you can see recently expired domains that are currently available. This way, you can buy a domain with a good history, but still, pay for it as much as you would for a totally new domain.

If you are planning to buy not only a domain but a whole website or an online business, check these guides:

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