Twexit - Movement against Twitter censorship

Twexit - Movement against Twitter censorship

Twitter has lost its mind. Apparently, embarrassing itself wasn’t enough. Twitter decided to go even further by starting a witchhunt on Trump, and it’s supporters. Just think about it. A private USA company is strong enough to attack the President of the United States. As an anti-government advocate, you would assume that I support everything which makes the government weaker. However, in this case, Twitter is only attacking Donald Trump and his supporters; it does not attack the US government itself. Twitter patronise both the government (at least the democrats) and the deep state. It wants to build a restricted, tyrannical regime, where censorship thrives, and freedom of speech is limited by fake concepts such as “hate speech”. This is the kind of world we are unfortunately moving towards.

Twitter claimed that the reason for suspending Trump’s account was “the risk of further incitement of violence.” This was obviously a lie. First of all, Trump did not summon people to commit any violence. People stormed the Capitol because they were unhappy with how the government dealt with suspected vote fraud, particularly it’s complete unwillingness to investigate the matter. Secondly, if Twitter was so worried about fighting violence, why didn’t it suspend accounts of all those criminals who were calling out for BML (Black Live Matter) riots and violence against white people? Twitter does not care about fighting violence, it cares only about political ideology it supports. Twitter is a hate-run shootout platform for black supremacy, radical Islamism and misandry activist. At the same time, Twitter tries to earn some media points by suspending completely legit accounts with conservative views.

Along with Twitter, long-term anti-freedom patron Facebook also suspended Trump’s account. This led to an alternative microblogging social media Parler to gain huge popularity. In just a couple of days, Parler jumped on 1st place in App Store as most downloadable App. It didn’t take long until anti-freedom activists with their censorship megaphones (Amazon, Apple, Google) banned Parler from their services. Unfortunately, this was too big of a hit to Parler, and now it’s unavailable for an unknown period of time. But it was already too late. A Twexit (Twitter-exit) movement quickly gained huge popularity and flooded all social media platforms with #twexit hashtag, which was a clear sign that the public did not approve Twitter’s actions.

The story of Parler shows how dangerous it is to give power to huge trillion-dollar corporations that plunder money in nearly criminal manners and force their perverted political ideologies to the people, while at the same time stomping on freedom of speech as well as they have stomped on privacy and user rights before. Luckily there are several other free-speech social media platforms, also known as alt-tech, that are still available. It’s imperative for as many users as possible to leave mainstream social media networks, and join these alternatives. It’s the only way to fight biased content moderation, aggressive censorship, abusive data practices and dangerous cancel culture. Freedom of speech is a basic human right, and social media companies should not be allowed to violate it.

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