Twexit: Leave Twitter, Join Parler!

Twitter has lost its mind. Apparently, embarrassing itself wasn’t enough. Twitter decided to go even further by starting a witchhunt on Trump, and it’s supporters. Just think about it. A private USA company is strong enough to attack the President of the United States. As an anti-government advocate, you would assume that I support everything which makes the government weaker. However, in this case, Twitter is only attacking Donald Trump and his supporters; it does not attack the US government itself. Twitter patronise both the government (at least the democrats) and the deep state. It wants to build a restricted, tyrannical regime, where censorship thrives, and freedom of speech is limited by fake concepts such as “hate speech”. This is the kind of world we are unfortunately moving towards.

Luckily people are starting to wake up, and an alternative microblogging social media Parler is taking its place. Along with Twitter, long-term anti-freedom patron Facebook also suspended Trump’s account. On the day this happened, Parler jumped on 1st place in App Store as most downloadable App. It didn’t take long until anti-freedom activists with their censorship megaphones (Amazon, Apple, Google) banned Parler from their services. But don’t worry. Parler is still available both online and for Android, and you can download their app here. The massive Twitter-exit even gave birth to Twexit movement and flooded social media with #twexit hashtags.

I also joined Parler recently, and a few days ago, when surprisingly, my Twitter account also got suspended (even though I did not Tweet anything Trump related) I moved to use Parler as my main social media channel. Because freedom is the basic human right, I call you to join Parler - the social media that respects our freedom, so that one day we can put an end to this socialist censorial dictatorship. As of now Parler is one of the few social media networks that honour freedom of speech and provide censorship-free discussion platform.

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