Way before MP3s, dubstep, and premium Spotify accounts, headphones had little to do with music at all. Back in the 1880s, the first Mono headphones (or at least their early ancestors) were used by telephone operators. It was a single earpiece that rested on the user’s shoulder and weighed over 10 pounds.
Mono Headphones (also called monaural headphones) are headphones that can only play sound from a single channel.​tape recorders, telephone communication, and radios are mono audio devices 

Dynamic headphones

The first Dynamic headphones were introduced in by Beyerdynamic 1937 
Dynamic headphones are, to this day, the most popular type on the market. Dynamics are decent but tend to be inherently aggressive, whether in signature or texture. In musical terms, “dynamics” refer to the range of intensity/loudness of a performance​. When ​buying headphones, the dynamic range should be considered ​. If you don’t know what kind of driver your headphones use, they almost certainly have dynamic drivers. This is the most common style, and there’s very little chance of that changing in the future.
They’re also known by another name – moving coil drivers​.​They use metal conductors to move the driver diaphragm​.​

stereo headphones

The first stereo headphones were launched in 1958
Stereo Headphones are headphones that playback distinct sounds out of the two speakers,​the left speaker, and the right speaker. Stereo headphones work by
playing sound from two independent channels, a left channel for the left speaker output, and the right channel for right speaker output.  They can play sound with a surround sound effect. Most audio now, including the radio, cinema, youtube, CD, video games, etc 

electrostatic headphones

Stax debuted the world’s first-ever electrostatic pair of headphones in1959.
Electrostatic headphones are frequently considered the most transparent, natural, detailed sounding listening devices.​The small acoustic space of a headphone or earphone enables the electrostatic driver to cover the full audible spectrum without crossovers, making for an incredibly transparent and low-distortion sound.  Bass can be tricky for electrostatic headphones, however, it has improved greatly in recent years on models.they’re the only natural-sounding tech out there in the market. 
The sound so effortlessly and naturally flow through them. The only issue is with bass. You can only hear the bass and not feel it. They are the granddaddy of headphones.
A lot of the greatest headphones ever made used this technology. In electrostatic headphones, it is the diaphragm itself that moves directly.